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League of Women Voter Issues and Actions

Issues refer to a broad range of legislative and other policies or programs at local, state, and national levels in which the League of Women Voters has taken an interest. National, state or local Leagues take a position on an issue only after careful study resulting in a consensus.

Leagues engage in advocacy and action on local, state, and national issues where the League has a position. Leagues engage in education activities to inform citizens about issues. We also organize non-partisan programs for candidates, ballot initiatives and referenda.

You can learn about national, state, and local League positions at the US League of Women Voters, the League of Women Voters of California, or the League of Women Voters of Alameda.

You can search for an issue that interests you on each site.

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LWV of Alameda Current Issues

LWV of Alameda Current Issues

1. California's "Make It Fair" initiative: education and advocacy

LWVA is engaged in education and advocacy efforts in support of Make It Fair, a movement (co-sponsored by LWVC) to reform Proposition 13. The initiative prescribes the way in which commercial properties are assessed for tax purposes but does NOT affect assessments of residential property. Analysts estimate that if commercial property in California were taxed at full market value, the increased revenue statewide from property taxes would be about $9 billion per year.

For more information, click here.

2. Campaign finance reform in local elections.

Campaign finance reform to make elections fair and to reduce the impact of money on politics has long been a League priority at the national, state and local levels. The LWVUS is now conducting a study and update of the campaign finance position to address the lack of member understanding and agreement as to whether financing a political campaign is protected speech under the first amendment. The LWVUS provides a number of resources to understand the issues at To learn about the positions and wide-ranging activities of the national League of Women Voters visit or and search the topics of campaign finance reform and money in politics.

At the local level, LWVA supports the adoption of a Fair Campaign Practices/Code agreement by the City Council for the local election of public officials and promotes increased transparency and timely reporting in the tracking and identification of financial contributions to candidates from all sources.

3. Transparency in local government

A key element of the League's support for good government is the insistence on the public's access to information, transparency of the decision-making process, and full citizen participation. The City of Alameda's Municipal Code contains a Sunshine Ordinance (Article VIII) with strong language supporting public access to meetings and to information. LWVA monitors selected meetings to ensure compliance with the Sunshine Ordinance and collaborates with the City's Open Government Commission.

LWV California Current Issues

LWV of California Current Issues

Click on LWV of California Current Issues to discover a list of 67 (yes, sixty-seven!) statewide issues and positions of the League of Women Voters of California, ranging from Agriculture and Air Quality to Violence Prevention and Voting Rights. You will also find updated current information on legislative action and LWVC's support for or opposition to specific bills as they arise.

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