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City Position Statements

City Positions

Do you know the position statements of the League of Women Voters of Alameda for the city of Alameda?


A League position is the stand of the League on a public issue. It serves as the basis for advocacy or action. Action includes lobbying, legislative testimony, public statements, media campaigns, and joining coalitions. A League position is established after members have studied an issue and achieved consensus on policies and practices that best serve the public interest. Local League positions are used in conjunction with positions adopted by the national and state levels of League and may not be in conflict with them, if they are on the same subject.

Local Positions of the League of Women Voters of Alameda, Revised 2016

CITY CHARTER (1978, 2016)

The League of Women Voters of Alameda (LWVA) supports measures providing simplicity and transparency in the City Charter through clarification of meaning and elimination of obsolete or inapplicable provisions.


The League of Women Voters of Alameda (LWVA) supports measures that protect the resilience of Alameda's residents and businesses through disaster mitigation, training, response and recovery.

The City's disaster preparedness plan should clearly define the roles and responsibilities of public officials, employees, public and private agencies, organizations, utilities, and other entities related to public health and safety and social services.

ELECTIONS (1985, 1998, 2016)

The League of Women Voters of Alameda (LWVA) supports the adoption of a Fair Campaign Practices Code by the City Council for the local election of Public Officials with the goal of ensuring greater transparency of donations and spending.

Local special elections should be held by mail ballot with return postage provided. Adequate time should be allowed for voters to become informed about the election and to return the mail ballot. Procedures should be instituted to ensure widespread publicity and effective distribution of the ballots.

LAND USE (1974, 2016)

The League of Women Voters of Alameda (LWVA) supports land use policies and revisions of the General Plan that are designed to:

I. Advance the general welfare of the residents of Alameda in such areas as housing, public and social services, noise and odor control, beautification, and commercial and industrial development.

II. Improve existing traffic patterns, including public transportation and access to BART. Alternatives to increased auto usage, such as bike paths and walkways, should be actively pursued.

III. Promote light industrial and commercial development using all available means engendered in state law. Existing commercial areas should be upgraded and rehabilitated.

IV. Implement existing conservation and open space elements of the General Plan. The City has the responsibility to ensure that the existing shoreline is developed and maintained for public use.

V. Ensure that periodic reviews of the General Plan and its related elements incorporate comprehensive community input, including public hearings and posting of proposed changes in public media at the pre-draft, draft and adoption stages.

VI. Express land use policies clearly, with concrete goals and objectives that adequately reflect cost considerations, environmental factors and citizen input.

HOUSING and TRANSPORTATION (1989, 2005, 2016)

The League of Women Voters of Alameda (LWVA) supports City housing and transportation policies that:

I. Fulfill Alameda's needs for housing at all economic land mobility levels. New developments should have a variety of densities and amenities that will support continuation of the quality of life now enjoyed in Alameda.

II. Provide maximum feasible open space, defined as sufficient communal green space, walking paths, playgrounds, tot-lots, and other naturally landscaped areas to encourage and enhance livability and strong community identity.

III. Meet or exceed current standards for energy efficiency. All designs should show consideration for minimum negative impact on air, water, and surrounding natural environment.

IV. Provide an appropriate number of off-street parking spaces for each type of housing in the mix.

V. Maximize the use of public, accessible, and alternative modes of transportation in order to maintain livability and decrease traffic on residential streets.

VI. Ensure the safety of entrances and exits to housing developments, schools, business and shopping areas.

LIBRARY (1991, 2016)

The League of Women Voters of Alameda (LWVA) supports a public library system that meets the diverse needs of all Alamedans. Funding for the Alameda Free Library should be increased. If the Library receives additional funds through taxes, bond measures or grants/gifts, General funds should not be reduced. Hours of service for the Main and neighborhood libraries should be increased, including weekend and evening hours, as well as space for library functions. Library resources should reflect changing uses and technologies, with an emphasis on popular materials, reference, and children's sections. LWVA urges the City Council to approve the Library Strategic Plan, including its mission and goals, and to support a viable library system in Alameda.


The Alameda League of Women Voters recommends and supports the revision of the Oakland City Charter to include representatives from cities affected by Port activities on the Port of Oakland commission. The League supports the establishment of policies at local and state levels to implement the following measures which would protect the quality of life of the community.

I. The City of Alameda staff should attend all Port of Oakland meetings and report on actions and proposed plans to be undertaken by the Port which will affect Alameda.

II. There should be ecologically and environmentally sound disposal of dredge spoils from the Port of Oakland's dredging of the Inner and Outer Harbor Channels

III Regionalization of California ports and airports

IV. When adverse effects generated by the Port of Oakland impact on the health and welfare of Alameda residents, the City of Alameda should take appropriate action.