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Voter Information

Voter Information to assist Alameda citizens to vote.

Voter Information

Like Smart Voter did in the past, Voter's Edge California provides unbiased, in-depth voting information on candidates and ballot measures. This year, we've added campaign funding info and a high quality Spanish translation to State and Federal races. Plus all of your trusted League Voter Service publications are on Voter's Edge California including the Pros & Cons and the Easy Voter Guide.

See more information on elections in California: preparing to vote, voting (in person, by mail, if you've moved), voting rights, take a friend to vote, results of past elections, etc.

Easy Voter Guide

The Easy Voter Guide is a newsprint pamphlet for new voters and busy voters. Its aim is to make nonpartisan information about the ballot accessible to as many Californians as possible.

It is distributed by the League of Women Voters of Alameda to 34 locations in Alameda, including libraries, schools, churches, and senior centers. It is also available online.

The publication is typically available in mid to late April before the June primary election and in mid to late September before the November general election.

Register to Vote

Are you registered to vote? Do you want to change your party, your address, or your name?

See information from the Office of the California Secretary of State about registering to vote in California. Learn about voter registration deadlines, requirements, how to register, political parties, registration drives, living and voting overseas, etc.

You can register to vote online.

Still not sure how to register? Watch this video for more information:


To contact your local elected and appointed officials by entering your zip code for a complete list or download our Know Your Representatives brochure.

The information in this brochure offers the contact information for many local, state, and national officials and was updated on January 1, 2015.

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